Whitman Welcomes New Faculty

Whitman Welcomes New Faculty

headshot of Rachael Goodman


Assistant Professor of Management

Goodwin joins the management department at the Whitman School as a tenure-track assistant professor and is a research fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Women and Public Policy Program. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in public administration from Brigham Young University, she completed a Ph.D. in business management at the University of Utah, Eccles School of Business. She will concentrate on research in fall 2021 with particular interests in obstacles women may encounter when pursuing leadership positions and ways to help women successfully navigate that path. Goodwin is also exploring workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and attitudes toward unethical behaviors in the workplace, particularly toward women. In spring 2022, she will bring her knowledge into the classroom teaching Organizational Behavior to undergraduate students.

headshot of Arielle Newman


Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Newman joins the Department of Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises as a tenure-track assistant professor of entrepreneurship. Before joining the Whitman School, she was an assistant professor of entrepreneurship in the College of Business and Economic Development at the University of Southern Mississippi. She received a Ph.D. from the University of Utah in political economy and was a post-doctoral fellow at the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University, where she developed research that bridged the gap between political science and entrepreneurship. Before that, Newman earned a master’s degree in international affairs and global enterprise from the University of Utah and a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Brigham Young University. Her focus is on the role of trauma in entrepreneurship, particularly related to the female experience. In addition, Newman will teach Minority and Woman’s Entrepreneurship starting in spring 2022.

headshot of Jamie Perry


Assistant Professor of Management

Perry joins the Whitman School as a tenure-track assistant professor of management, where she will teach classes in managing and leading people in organizations. Before joining Whitman, Perry was an assistant professor at Cornell University, teaching human resources management, as well as managing and leading teams. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology from the University of Houston, followed by a master’s degree in psychology and a Ph.D. in organization management from Rutgers University. Her work spans the field of diversity with a focus on understanding how diversity characteristics and distributional properties affect team and organizational effectiveness.

headshot of Willie Reddic


Associate Professor of Accounting

Reddic G’12 (MAX), ’13 Ph.D. returns to the Whitman School, where he earned a Ph.D. in accounting, as an associate professor of accounting. He received a master’s degree in finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a master’s degree in economics from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University and a bachelor’s degree in management information services from California State University, Chico. Before his return to Whitman, Reddic was an associate professor at the Driehaus College of Business and Kallstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul University, as well as an associate dean of academic programs and curricula. Reddic will teach and continue his research, which most recently focuses on looking at underrepresented industries around disclosures and how firms allocate their earnings. He also hopes to bring more underrepresented students into the School, specifically into the field of accounting, and looks forward to working with current Ph.D. students with the same level of support he received as a student at the Whitman School.

headshot of Tianyue Zhao


Assistant Teaching Professor

Returning to the Whitman School, where she earned a master’s degree in finance, Zhao ’12 M.S. joins the faculty as an assistant teaching professor of finance. Previously, she taught at Our Lady of the Lakes University in Texas. Zhao worked in mutual funds in Shanghai before completing a Ph.D. in finance at the University of Pittsburgh in 2020. Her research will continue to focus on mutual funds and other investment funds, as well as environmental-social and governance investing—an area that is of special interest to her. This fall, she is teaching Principles of Finance, sharing her experience working with institutional investments. As a Whitman alumna, Zhao actively networks with more than 300 Syracuse alumni both in China and the U.S. through a WeChat group founded in 2011 for those in the Chinese community.

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