2022 Whitman Scholars

2022 Whitman Scholars

Each year, Whitman Scholars are chosen from the senior class through a competitive selection process. To be considered, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.65 and a demonstrated history of engagement and leadership at the Whitman School and Syracuse University. On the following pages, the 2022 Whitman Scholars share their thoughts on their experiences and the knowledge and skills they have gained during their time at Syracuse University.

headshot of Kristen Bednaczyk

Kristen Bednarczyk
Hometown: Rochester, New York
Majors: Finance, and Information Management & Technology (iSchool)
Future Plans: Privacy and Data Protection Consultant at Crowe LLP

"One of the most valuable lessons I’ve taken away from Syracuse University and Whitman is the importance of investing in relationships with those around you. While grades certainly matter, the connections you build with your professors, advisors, peers and alumni are even more important. Syracuse University has graduated so many knowledgeable professionals, and you shouldn’t take for granted the incredible Orange alumni network. I have learned so much from the network that I have built during my time at Syracuse, and I am excited to continue growing this community."

headshot of Jenna Fusco

Jenna Fusco
Hometown: Massapequa, New York
Majors: Supply Chain Management, and Economics and History (MAX)
Future Plans: Incoming Sourcing Coordinator for Kohl’s Corporate

“When reflecting on my time at Syracuse University, one word comes to mind: opportunity. Walking into Whitman for the first time, I remember feeling nervous and excited. Nervous, because I was unsure of what the next four years were about to bring, but excited because I knew that there were endless opportunities. These past four years were filled with opportunities to grow; whether that was networking with professionals in New York City or gaining valuable leadership experiences, I found myself flourishing. Whitman became the support system I didn’t know I needed when coming to college, and for that I am forever grateful, and forever Orange.” 

hedshot of Hilli Goldhar

Hilli Goldhar
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Majors: Finance, and Information Management & Technology (iSchool)
Future Plans: Global Markets at RBC Capital Markets

“What makes the Whitman School so special is that it allows everyone to move at their own pace. Whitman has been a place of self-discovery that has provided me with all the resources I needed to define my career interests. As a four-year member of the Syracuse University men’s soccer team, I have developed leadership and collaboration skills. Whitman has given me the opportunity to apply these in an academic setting. The support I’ve received from professors, alumni and peers demonstrates a generosity of spirit that reflects the close-knit values fostered at Whitman. I feel very prepared for my career and intend to follow in the footsteps of the gracious alumni who helped me along in my journey.”

headshot of Mitch Gordon

Mitchell Gordon
Hometown: Santa Clarita, California
Majors: Accounting and Finance
Minor: Psychology
Future Plans: Finance Rotational Analyst at Paramount

“Traveling across the country to attend Syracuse University was an exciting, yet frightening, experience. I jumped into the unknown head-first and had no idea where I was going to land. Getting involved in Delta Sigma Pi and becoming a Whitman ambassador provided me with a group of my closest friends, and I can rely on them for anything. My coursework and extracurriculars have helped me develop an abundance of skills I’ll be able to use to enhance my professional career. I cannot thank my professors enough for guiding me along this incredible journey.”

headshot of Leanne Hayden

Leanne Hayden
Hometown: Cohasset, Massachusetts
Majors: Finance and Retail Management
Future Plans: Research Analyst at EF Hutton

“Of all the opportunities I have experienced at Syracuse University and the Whitman School, I’ve been most appreciative of the chance to explore a variety of fields and meet people from many walks of life. I’ve gained an understanding of various business-related subjects and career roles. This exposure helped direct my job search more specifically and facilitated my final decision to enter the world of finance. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities.”

headshot of Andrew Hollander

Andrew Hollander
Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut
Majors: Accounting and Finance
Future Plans: Technology Investment Banking at DH Capital

"The most important lesson I learned throughout my time at Whitman is that you should never pass up on an opportunity that will bring you closer to your long-term goal. Fortunately, I learned this lesson early on and took advantage of the extracurricular activities that Whitman had to offer. Through Whitman on Wall Street, the SU Investment Club and the Orange Value Fund, I developed strong teamwork, leadership and financial skills that allowed me to secure a full-time job in investment banking."

headshot of Andrea Lan

Andrea Lan
Hometown: Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Majors: Finance, and Psychology (A&S)
Future Plans: Pursuing opportunities focused on people development and organizational management and development

“My time at Syracuse University has demonstrated for me the importance of making the most out of the opportunities presented to undergraduates. I think this is one of the key lessons I learned during my time at Syracuse, and it has played a huge role in my personal and professional development. Having the ability to take classes in Syracuse’s many colleges pushed me outside my comfort zone and exposed me to a diverse set of experiences, from understanding neurological and psycho-social factors of development to financial products and risk factors in business development. I will bring these lessons with me.”

headshot Sal Pepe

Salvatore “Sal” Pepe
Hometown: Yorktown Heights, New York
Majors: Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprise, Supply Chain Management, and Information Management & Technology (iSchool)
Minor: Environment and Society (MAX)
Future Plans: Incoming Enterprise Operations Business Leadership Program for Synchrony

“Syracuse University and the Whitman School have truly prepared me for the real world. Both the classes and the connections played an integral part in shaping the person I am today and making me confident in my abilities to succeed post-graduation. College is an opportunity to grow, learn and challenge yourself. Nowhere is that truer than at Syracuse University. I have lived my life wanting to finish everything without regrets. I’m so grateful for every opportunity, ­and proud to call myself a Syracuse alum. Go Orange!”

headshot of Jack Ramza

John “Jack” Ramza
Hometown: Mission Woods, Kansas
Majors: Accounting, and Advertising (NEW)
Future Plans: M.S. in Business Analytics at Syracuse

“There is a lot that Syracuse University and Whitman have taught me about myself personally, academically and professionally over the past four years. When looking back on my educational experiences, however, I am most grateful for Syracuse providing that growth and the encouragement to pursue my passions. I never would have found passions in social corporate responsibility or data analytics and privacy if I hadn’t tried things outside the realm of the classroom. Simply having the encouragement to pursue your interests without regard for failure has allowed me to find what I want to do later in life.”

headshot of Emily Rosen

Emily Rosen
Hometown: Dresher, Pennsylvania
Majors: Finance, and Information Management & Technology (iSchool)
Minor: Psychology
Future Plans: Incoming Wealth Management Analyst at Jefferies

“Syracuse University and Whitman have helped shape me into the innovative businesswoman that I am today. I’ve learned that cultivating a relationship with your professors not only helps you succeed in your courses but also provides an overall enriching experience. Some of my best and most insightful conversations at Syracuse were with professors during office hours or after class. In fact, I am excited and grateful to begin my post-graduate life working in New York City thanks to the support I had here.”

headshot of Jacob Segal

Jacob Segal
Hometown: Dresher, Pennsylvania
Majors: Accounting and Finance
Future Plans: Mergers and Acquisitions Tax at PwC; M.S. in Taxation at Fordham University

“When I started as a first-year student at Whitman, I was uncertain as to what career path I wanted to pursue. It was only after my first semester that I gravitated toward accounting. Reflecting on my undergraduate journey, I’m proud to say I’ve formed incredible relationships with my professors and have acquired a strong academic foundation in business for my future. My growth, both intellectually and professionally, embodies what Whitman is all about, and I am grateful for my experience.”

headshot of Caroline Whinney

Caroline Whinney
Hometown: Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Majors: Accounting, Finance and Real Estate
Future Plans: Pursuing opportunities in finance and real estate development

"I’ve always had a wide array of interests, and being a Whitman student has allowed me to pursue all of them. Taking on a triple major, as well as a variety of extracurricular activities, has not always been easy, but it has always been rewarding. These experiences have allowed me to grow into a more confident and well-rounded professional. My time at Syracuse University has presented me with more opportunities than I could have dreamed of, and I hope to continue challenging myself and expanding my skill set in all my future endeavors."

headshot of Tiffany Yang

Tiffany Yang
Hometown: New York, New York
Majors: Finance, and Information Management & Technology (iSchool)
Future Plans: Markets and Securities Services Analyst at Citi

“My time at Whitman has become more than just a college experience. This School has allowed me to explore different career paths and challenged me to be more confident. I’ve learned to be open to opportunities and join organizations that encourage personal growth, like the Orange Value Fund, which introduced me to finance. Not only have I gained professional skills that I’ll take into industry, but I’ve also made lifelong connections that turned Whitman into a second home. I can confidently say I would not be where I am without this School and its resources.”

Kimmy Kimball