Whitman Across the Globe: London


Whitman Across the Globe: London

headshot of Alexandra Kinder

My name is Alexandra Kinder, and I am a double major in marketing management and supply chain management with a minor in environment and society. This semester, I am studying abroad at Syracuse University's London Center. While I am abroad, I will be taking classes to work towards completing my minor as well as fulfilling my required business electives.

For me, studying abroad was an experience that would provide more teaching opportunities than a traditional classroom and truly help me grow as an individual. Getting to travel and see new things is also a plus, however, I am more excited for the lessons I will learn during my time here. I hope that during this experience I can grow into a more independent and self-sufficient person.

For my classes, I am excited for the unique array of immersive courses that I get to take here that I would not have been able to experience anywhere else. For example, my business elective is The Business of Tourism. During our class time, we get to explore some of the most popular tourist spots in the city and apply what we see to our concepts in class.

Overall, this semester I am most excited to be living in a major metropolitan area for the first time. I grew up in an exceedingly small town, the type where if you do not have a car, you are not getting anywhere. I have always wanted to live in a city and London is the perfect place to experience it.

headshot of Maya Padula

Hello everyone! My name is Maya Padula, and this semester I am studying abroad at Syracuse University's London Center. I have just arrived, and I can’t wait to tell you about my experience! I wanted to study abroad because it is one of the best ways to expand your perspective and prepare for the global workplace. I chose the London center because there is so much history and culture to explore, and I wanted to experience real city life living in a flat!

Once I settled in, it was time to make the most of the weekend! One of the highlights of my weekend was going on a Walking Tour sponsored by the London Center. I chose the “Hello London” tour, which took us through all the main attractions in Westminster. This included Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. The tour guide stopped at different landmarks to explain their cultural and historical significance, which I loved learning about!

I was also very excited to try my first fish and chips supper and take a photo in front of a classic red telephone booth before jumping into classes. This semester I am taking London Museums, European Economic Policy Failures, Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises, Interpreting Shakespeare, and Business in London. I am so excited to dive into classes that will help me learn about the city I am studying in!

headshot of Zack Fine

Hi, my name is Zack Fine. I’m a dual major studying supply chain management and economics, and this semester I'm abroad in the wonderful city of London. I chose London because there are so many business-related classes here, as well as awesome electives. I'm fulfilling a lot of my required coursework and doing interesting things outside my field of study at the same time. I'm also completing an internship through Syracuse Abroad's internship program. I'm working with Capax Resource Management, a London-based recruitment agency. More on that to come!