Syracuse to Madrid. Madrid to Syracuse.

-content by Hilary Tucker-

If you have been following my blog over the past 11 weeks, you would know I have been studying in Madrid, Spain for the semester. So many SU students make the great decision to study abroad for a semester, or during the summer, in order to experience new culture and become exposed to the vast world we live in. It has been such a privilege to be able to leave North America to take a four month tour throughout Europe. I have seen so much throughout the past 11 weeks, I have learned a lot about myself, and especially, about the lifestyle and cultural differences which exist.

If you are reading this blog, maybe you are thinking about studying abroad during your undergraduate experience ( I highly recommend), or maybe you never thought about leaving Syracuse until now. One thing you may not think about often, are the students who are studying at Syracuse University and are from outside of America.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting three students from Madrid who have recently been accepted to study at SU. It was so interesting to hear how they decided they wanted to attend college in the U.S., how they learned about Syracuse University, and where they are in their decision making process. I remember how difficult deciding where I wanted to go to college was, but at least I knew I would be in my home country. Their process is clearly more complex! I was really impressed that the students knew so much about SU and exactly what they wanted to study.

When they asked me why I chose Madrid, it was the same answer they provided me about why they wanted to study in the U.S. We all wanted to reach out of our comfort zone and become immersed in a new environment. They wanted to become even more comfortable speaking English, as I do Spanish. They wanted to meet new people, explore new cities, try new foods, and so on.

This semester has been the best yet – I could only imagine if this was what my life was like for four years!

I hope you can realize how lucky we are to be attending SU, where students from all over the world decide to attend for their college experience, and I hope studying abroad is something you will consider!



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