Surfing (metaphorically) through San Diego

– Content by: Aishik Barua MBA’ 15 –

All the love we have for our school and our university town is thoroughly tested during winter break. And sadly, some weak of resolve such as me, fail the test and flee for warmer pastures. Like India. Or closer, California.

The beach city of San Diego is marked with colors so vibrant that the snowy white of Syracuse might feel a tad bit bland, not that I am actually complaining. The streets lined with palm trees and expansive low rises make for a scenic view. And the beaches that meet with the unending clear blue of the ocean are out of the world. However, the most amazing view was that of surfers riding the waves like it was the most natural thing in the world. The ease, the grace, the panache—the surfers seemed to be weaving magic right in front of our eyes.

San Diego has yet more to offer though. Up next, the adventures in the wonderland of Sea World and San Diego Zoo!

Have you ever seen seals wiggle or dolphins twist or, maybe, whales twirl? No? Well then, you aren’t missing much, except for a whole lot of fun, excitement and spectacular memories. The beach city of San Diego is quite as well-known for its beaches as it is for its animal parks, namely,  Sea World and the San Diego Zoo.

The whales, the dolphins, the sea otters and sea lions of Sea World—each and every one of them are excellently trained. With élan, they twirl, whisk, twist, wiggle, jump, splash, impress and entertain countless visitors. The trainers have done a good job at training these sea monsters such that they turn into graceful creatures at simple hand gestures. The shows are so enthralling that it would be hard to forget in a jiffy. The music, the songs, the movements of animals and their trainers alike capture your imagination and transport you to a world unseen ever before. It is simply magical.

The exquisite creatures at the San Diego Zoo are too exquisite for words. They are very rare, and the rarest of them all is the family of Giant White Panda. The father, mother and their very adorable progeny is the best attraction of this world-renowned zoo. But the most amazing feature of these animal parks is the careful way they tend to the brood they hold within their walls.