Experience the Windy City

-Content by: Ronak Chiripal MBA’14-

It was Thanksgiving time again in the US and all of us were excited since we had a week long break. Two of my friends and I made plans to go to Chicago for 4 days. We left Syracuse on Friday and drove for 12 hours to Chicago. We were very excited as we had never been to that part of the US before.

On Saturday, we experienced an amazing stuffed pizza at Giordano’s which is one of the best pizzas I have ever had in my life. We went to the Willis tower and it was amazing to see the city from 103rd floor. We were at the highest point of Chicago. Then we went to the Field museum, which has the largest skeleton of T- Rex (dinosaurs) in the world. We were amazing by all the amazing facts we learned that day.

On the next day we went to Magnificent Mile. It is a mile long street as the name suggests and it has a lot of restaurants and shopping places. After that, we went to the Science and Arts Museum of Chicago. This museum showcased the brilliant inventions of men. It also had a section called “Science Storms” which showcased how the meteorologists predict weather conditions. It also had a section on Human Anatomy which was interesting as well.

Our next stop was the “Signature Room @ 95th” at the Hancock Observatory. We had our dinner there and it was a great feeling to have dinner from the 95th floor. Though I am afraid of height but the view was so amazing that I loved it. We were supposed to leave on Tuesday but we read the news and there was a snow storm warning in the East coast so we extended our trip by one more day.

Our Chicago trip was amazing for many reasons. This will be one of the best trips I have ever experienced.  I enjoy traveling and I have traveled many countries in the world but trust me Chicago trip was one of the best I have ever had in a long time.