Dreams and Opportunities

With finals underway and summer quickly approaching, I would like to talk about what lies ahead for the rest of 2014. However, before outlining my near future, I would like to say that this spring semester brought forth great memories and I look forward to the many more semesters I still have at Syracuse University and the Whitman School of Management.

Ever since the beginning of this spring semester, all I could look forward to was summer. Some may ask why, especially just after saying how excited I am for the remaining semesters at Syracuse. Yet the sole reason for this attitude was due to the breathtaking opportunity that was presented to me in early January. After attending Deloitte’s Next Generation Leaders Conference last July, I was given an invitation to intern for Deloitte in their New York City offices under their tax and audit services. Astonished by the news, I was quick to jump on the offer. As an aspiring accountant, being able to intern for a Big Four accounting firm after my sophomore year is monumental. I am ecstatic for the chance to display my skillset to Deloitte and enjoy the experience to its fullest. The best part about the anticipation for summer of 2014 is that it doesn’t even end there; the upcoming fall is just as exciting.

Before arriving to Syracuse University in the fall of 2012, there was one part of college that I was captivated by. Studying overseas was a critical aspect when deciding on which college to attend. Now that I am roughly four months away from leaving for Madrid, my eagerness is at an all-time high. Ever since high school, I wanted to study abroad in Madrid. Many goals must be reached while I am practically 3600 miles away from Syracuse. Firstly, I wish to assimilate into as much of the culture and lifestyle that Madrid has to offer and be able to act as if I was a native. This will come in time, as I am fortunate enough to live with a host family, which will allow me to immerse myself in how they run on a daily basis. Secondly, as a business student, I plan to pay close attention to how foreign businesses operate and compare it to how companies are managed in the United States. I feel this is essential as I am a college student studying the field of business. Lastly, and most importantly, I seek to have the most memorable, unforgettable, and life-changing experience while I am overseas. I want to come back from Madrid, get back to SU, and tell everyone that going abroad is an absolute must if attending the Whitman School of Management. I am certain that my trip will live up to its hype and potential. As I learned in the past, it is essentially what you make of your experience. Thus, I will undoubtedly make the most of my journey.

Deloitte and Madrid, two things that I am especially fortunate to attain have actually taught me a couple of valuable lessons that I would love to share with you all.

As for my internship, I was a naïve freshman at the time of networking with Deloitte. Many freshmen are scared to start thinking about jobs, internships, and the real world. However, that should be the complete opposite. Being passionate, motivated, and enthusiastic at an early stage really makes me believe that that was the main reason for obtaining my Deloitte offer. My advice for people reading this blog post is to capitalize on any window of opportunity that presents itself because you never know when that chance will appear again.

Furthermore mentioned previously, Madrid was always on my mind. No matter where I went to college, I was without a doubt going abroad. It was an aspiration that I had to chase no matter the challenges. And with that being said, making a dream and having the passion to pursue it,regardless of the consequences, should be implemented in the minds of many.

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