Case Competition Success in DC

– Content by: Kimi Chu MBA ’15-


As exciting as it may seem, participating in the Howard University case competition brought a fully loaded and unforgettable experience in Washington DC. The school offered not only the opportunity to compete with elites from renowned schools but also opportunity to network with employers at a career fair. When I landed in DC at my hotel, the atmosphere had elevated the intensity of the competition was all around us. We were not allowed to disclose where we were from to anyone. The place where professionals gather and share experiences is truly sensational since we are able to meet many fascinating individuals with such a tremendous, rich background.

To be honest, I was very nervous about the competition because we were not as experienced for these type of professional events. Before the presentation, we had extensive practices so that we could bring our best results and recommendations to the LMI consultants who were very critical of our depth of analysis. Personally, I have little experience in the procurement process which the case was all about. However, my teammates were and they came up with the critical thought process and ideas that we believed could be a great shot. During the presentation, all four of us were so nervous, especially during the Q&A section. Those nerves went away when the exciting news was announced that we advanced to the final round! We celebrated and became more confident than ever to believe in ourselves and our ideas.

I am glad that I participated in this event. This learning process strengthened my presentation skills and provided me more experiences in case preparation. I would personally urge every other student to join in these types of events because if I were to choose again, I would not hesitate to sign up. If not for the case competition, at least you will have the opportunity to network and meet new people.