A Handwritten Letter

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram. Foursquare. Pinterest.


Do you use them? I do not “use” these sites, instead the more appropriate term would be: consume, refresh, or obsessively check them every day. Not to mention that with these sites I have the ability to access them on 5 different devices in my household, a bit excessive if you ask me.

Social media seems to be taking over how we communicate these days. Actually it has already taken how we communicate. I first wrote a “technology” themed article in my freshman year of high school and by senior year I sent “e-vites” to friends for a graduation/birthday shin-dig (to the dismay of my grandparents).

Even though I have grown up with this ever changing world I still have a fascination for the “old-fashioned” snail mail. I can instantly update my “followers” on my whereabouts, or activities, and even provide them proof with pictures and videos. But these pieces of news and tidbits of other peoples’ lives are not kept, treasured, or reread over the years.

Letter Shoesboxes

My longest (and oldest) writing pen-pal passed away during the 2014 Spring semester. So when I found the 5 shoeboxes in my closet full of letters from my pen-pal and other close family and friends I decided to begin writing again. I wrote thank you letters to those who have helped me, “just because” letters to friends across the world, and began practicing how to write a cover letter. My use of thank-you letters will continue as I enter the “real world,” and that a handwritten note of acknowledgement or congratulations still wins over something electronic any day of the week.

Technology has sped up communication but no one can deny that receiving an actual handwritten letter from someone who took the time out of their day to compose a personal message is the best feeling.

A handwritten letter. When was the last time you wrote one?

Letter Display



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