#WhitmanWatch: Perri Vimadalal ’20

Name: Perri Vimadalal

Graduation Year: 2020

Majors: Finance and Marketing Management

Minor: Political Science

Hometown: Weston, Massachusetts

Perri Vimadalal ’20, like many university students, came into the Whitman School of Management unsure of what to pursue and what the future would entail. Throughout her several experiences at Syracuse University, however, this has changed tremendously as Vimadalal became embedded in the strong ties of the Whitman community.

Vimadalal recalls that she did not know much about Syracuse University upon being accepted, but after hours of research and touring Whitman, Vimadalal fell in love with what Syracuse had to offer her.

“Looking back, even then I did not realize how much Syracuse University would come to fit me and the role it would take in shaping my career and who I am today,” she said. “Syracuse has become my second home where I have grown as a person, personally and academically, as well as made friends for life.”

Since being at Whitman, Vimadalal has found numerous ways to take advantage of opportunities. During her sophomore year, Vimadalal worked as a main desk assistant within the residence halls, which she says helped acclimate her to university life, as well as improve her time management and communication skills. As a junior, Vimadalal became a student technology consultant at the Whitman School, allowing her to expand her understanding of the operational and technical aspects of the business school.

With her knowledge and experience, Vimadalal has also been able to acquire multiple internships outside of Syracuse. During summer 2018 as a rising junior, Vimadalal worked as a financial mortgage intern at Digital Federal Credit Union in Marlborough, Massachusetts, which allowed her to better understand several aspects of the housing industry along with the importance of auditing and agency regulation.

“In this role, I gained my first experience to corporate lifestyle, realized the value of networking and the importance of a positive attitude,” she said.

Presently, Vimadalal has had the opportunity to work as a summer analyst in the ETF & Index Investing (EII) department at BlackRock, which is part of a rotational summer program where interns get exposure to two different departments within iShares; Vimadalal is working in sales and global strategy.

“The immense amount of knowledge I have gained within my first four weeks has been incredibly valuable to not only my career in finance, but through refining my individual skillset, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, and building relationships with my peers,” said Vimadalal.

She is currently working on several projects, including building portfolios, participating in innovation activities, and working in client relationship management and product development.

While on campus, Vimadalal continues to be involved in several activities. Since her first year, Vimadalal has been an active member of Delta Sigma Pi, which she says has been one of the most valuable decisions she has made during her undergraduate career. She has held two leadership positions as part of the recruitment team as well as being the apparel chair. Vimadalal has also participated as a financial literacy tutor in Balancing the Books, a tutoring program designed to have a positive impact on high school students in the Syracuse Public School District by encouraging them to reach their goals and increase general financial literacy.

Additionally, Vimadalal has held roles as a Whitman ambassador and peer mentor. She said the roles “have truly been beneficial to my college career because I absolutely love encouraging those who are in a spot I once was and sharing my advice and knowledge with them!” Outside of Whitman, Vimadalal works with Campus Cursive, a club dedicated to spreading positivity by writing uplifting letters to community members and other individuals in need.

When reflecting on her experiences at Whitman, Vimadalal said the most beneficial aspect of her education has been the people and the Syracuse community. “Within the community, the people themselves are incredibly supportive and encouraging of students’ goals, which is valuable throughout this stage of our lives where students are figuring out their career aspirations,” she said. “Additionally, the extensive network that Whitman provides eases the hurdles students often go through because of the various opportunities to gain new experiences and learn from others.”

After graduation, Vimadalal hopes to find a full-time role toward which she feels challenged, fulfilled and passionate. She also wishes to continue learning from others around her as she embarks on her career.

“I am in a spot in my life where my main goal is to be open to opportunities to learn and cast a wide net when I am so young because by doing that you are never limiting yourself to any opportunity that you may like,” she explained. “I think it is really important to learn from others’ journeys, especially those who were once in your spot, and by continuing to increase your knowledge you are also better equipping yourself for a successful career.

“The growth I have seen in myself still surprises me to this day,” Vimadalal said when looking back to her beginnings at Syracuse. “I have no idea what my future would have looked like if I was not surrounded by the people in my life, the encouragement from the community around me, and the general atmosphere filled with motivation and drive to succeed. Being involved in an environment that reminds me of the goals I have for myself has truly been a fundamental aspect of my success.”

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