Why I Chose Whitman

-content by Sam Whitaker –

Upon arriving at the Whitman school for my first visit, I was immediately impressed with the building. The classrooms were loaded with extensive technology systems, and had the feel of a real, professional business school.  The grand hall was full of students who were both working on school work and socializing with friends. I could sense the “community feel” of the school right off the bat.

After learning more about the school’s programs, I realized the simplicity of taking on two majors within Whitman. This particularly resonated with me since I was interested in many different areas of business at the time. After meeting a few of the professors, I could see that Whitman offered their students value in every aspect of the academic experience.

Lastly, the thirteen students clubs and organizations within Whitman alone were a huge selling point to me. Whitman gives its students the opportunity to get involved in organizations corresponding to their interests, and hold leadership roles in these organizations. With job competition as high as it is today, these are the opportunities that make a student from Whitman stand out.

With top notch facilities, a broad range of majors, and copious student organizations, the Whitman school was undoubtedly the most impressive school I visited during my college search.

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