#WhitmanWatch Vincent Loncto

Vincent Loncto

Name: Vincent Loncto

Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ

Grade/GPA: Junior/3.583

Major: Undeclared

Clubs & Organizations: Orientation Leader, First Year Players (Abroad Chair), Daily Orange (Features Section Contributor), Delta Sigma Pi (Scholarship and Awards Chair), Orangeseeds Program (Community Relations and Membership and Mentorship Co-Chair)

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/vincenttloncto

After almost planning on going to another school, the news of Vincent Loncto’s Syracuse acceptance came during intermission. But more importantly is was the intermission of a Friday night showing of a play in which he has his largest part. Since then he has transferred into Whitman and has just completed his first semester as a proud Whitman student. With many interests and a very busy schedule Vincent is finding his way through college and business.

In Whitman the undeclared junior is leaning towards a double major, probably including Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises (EEE). The summer between freshman and sophomore year Vincent was able to intern with Barron’s, the investment magazine. A hobby of his, writing, fit in with interviewing many stock market individuals. After hearing about their stories and experiences business and finance in Whitman became an interest.

Outside of Whitman, Vincent is a very active college student. Aside from Delta Sigma Pi he is an Orientation Leader, a group that assists with the transition into college for first years. He continues his theatre interests as a member of First Year Players and writes for the Features Section in the Daily Orange, the independent student newspaper, primarily the “From the Box Office” column. Finally as a seed and now a mentor he helps the community service and leadership program, Orangeseeds. Each year the program puts on The Big Event, a day of community service, this past April they bussed volunteers to almost 10 sites across the city of Syracuse.

There is no concrete plan for the future of this New Jersey Devils and New York Jets fan. Vincent likes the challenges of Whitman and perhaps of being a part of a start-up. With lots of time left at Whitman and Syracuse he hopes to be well-rounded and be able to talk with anybody. The future is certainly optimistic for this #WhitmanWatch junior, make sure to come back next Tuesday for another!


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