#WhitmanWatch: Sandra Carruitero

Class of 2016 (Dec. grad)
Majors: Retail Management, Supply Chain Management
Hometown: Miami, Florida
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandracarruitero

While Whitman classes have helped Sandra Carruitero gain knowledge in the fields of retail and supply chain management, her experiences outside of the classroom have expanded her horizons and provided her with an extensive skill set.

Since last fall, Sandra has been part of a team that is conducting a risk analysis for Staples, working directly with Staples employees to improve their internal supply chain. Sandra’s role on the team requires her to analyze natural disasters and determine the potential impacts of such occurrences to Staples’ facilities across the country. “Working with real-life data and a well-recognized company has taught me how to incorporate material learned in classes at Whitman throughout the years into one clear objective,” she explained.

Additionally, Sandra also currently works on a consulting project for Chancellor Syverud, performing a situational and financial analysis for Syracuse University’s Minnowbrook Conference Center located in the Adirondacks. Her team has formulated a recommendation plan that offers suggestions for improving the efficiency and increasing awareness of the property to maximize usage. “This was the first time I worked with a non-for-profit company, which is a different approach from what we usually learn in class,” said Sandra.

Sandra is also involved at Whitman as the project manager for the Enactus Mission Returns project. This effort collects bottles and cans to redeem for funds that can provide meals and jobs to members of the Syracuse community in need. For every 65 bottles and cans collected on campus, one meal can be provided to a homeless person.

In addition to extracurricular experiences, Sandra said that working with the faculty at Whitman has provided her with opportunities for success in her fields of study and beyond. “The faculty is readily available to help you and provide you with opportunities if they know you are motivated and willing to put in the work,” she explained.

This summer, Sandra has secured an internship with Macy’s Merchandising Group, working with their private labels. She plans to continue on this career path after graduation, pursuing opportunities in corporate retail.

For students new to Whitman, Sandra stresses the importance of making an effort to be involved, both on campus and in the community of Syracuse. “It’s that extra step that sets you apart and lets you know you made the best of your time in college.”