#WhitmanWatch: Quentin Rosso ’18

Name: Quentin Rosso
Graduation Year: 2018
Hometown: Paris, France
Majors: Finance and Political Philosophy (A&S)
Of note: Three years ago, at age 16, he delivered his first public speech in English as a TEDx speaker.

During the college application process, Quentin Rosso only applied to Syracuse University, and he did so for one reason: Whitman. An entrepreneur by nature, Rosso has created multiple business ventures since the seventh grade. He knew Syracuse’s liberal arts emphasis and Whitman’s strong entrepreneurship culture would benefit his current venture, Savofair, an online platform that connects student travelers with local student insiders for immersive experiences. Rosso views his time at Whitman as an opportunity to strengthen his business skills and progress his current entrepreneurial projects.

“Whitman professors emphasize practical skills and team work, which are highly important to meeting the demands of the business word,” Rosso shared.

He added that his finance courses have provided “critical insights on managing money for [his] future ventures and investing capital in the right opportunities.” With Whitman’s commitment to entrepreneurship outside of the classroom, Rosso has taken advantage of the school’s many resources, including The Panasci Business Plan Competition, which Rosso says provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a good framework for thinking through ideas for new ventures. He also uses the Couri Hatchery to build valuable connections within this supportive entrepreneurial community. Rosso has been especially surprised by the great number of influential professional fraternities and student chapters of professional organizations at Whitman.

“Back in France, this concept is nonexistent, and it has been my pleasure to realize how good American students are at networking,” he explained.

Though Rosso initially came to Syracuse University to continue his entrepreneurial pursuits, the school’s student body—which he describes as “capable of changing the game in their own career fields”—also drew him to Whitman. So far, Rosso says he’s not disappointed.

“Many of the students I have met are very ambitious and have taught me the valuable practice of challenging one’s ideas and beliefs,” he added.

This article first appeared in the Spring 2017 Whitman Magazine.