#WhitmanWatch: Lucas Krupkin ’20

Like many students, Lucas Krupkin ’20 did not perform as well as he had hoped to when taking standardized tests for college. For him, the exams were incredibly difficult, and for some colleges, only numbers determined a student’s eligibility for admission. 

Throughout the college search process, Krupkin applied for and became a Posse Scholar through his strengths as a leader, student and teammate. The Posse Scholar recognition is extremely competitive with only a two percent acceptance rate. Once accepted, Krupkin discovered Syracuse and the Whitman School through this program and its partnership with Syracuse. 

Krupkin came across the Martin J. Whitman School of Management and its recognition of his skills and abilities to thrive as a student, despite the scores of only one test. After committing to Syracuse University, Krupkin’s success at the Whitman School has only grown.

His leadership involvement in clubs such as the American Marketing Association and TNH Agency, Syracuse University’s on-campus advertising firm, has given Krupkin hands-on, applicable work both inside and outside of the classroom to lead him to great professional networks and opportunities.

Throughout his summers as an undergraduate student, Krupkin worked at an advertising agency near his hometown of Miami, Florida, then worked in Austin, Texas, at Facebook for two summers as an account management intern. He was the first Syracuse student to intern there. 

“If someone wants to advertise on Facebook with a certain amount of money, you get an account manager to help you with your advertising strategy through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other platforms,” explains Krupkin. The internship allowed him to learn more about the creative side of advertising beyond the agency experience he had already had.

“I got to work with and pitch to real clients,” says Krupkin. “I had an amazing group of people to work with and loved the company culture.” Krupkin is returning to Facebook after graduation for a full-time role in Austin.

Being innately curious is what Krupkin believes brought him success and growth throughout his four years at Syracuse. Asking questions and always being eager to learn more has given him unique opportunities throughout his time at Whitman. 

“I read the news a ton,” Krupkin says. “I love reading about advertising and technology. I do that all the time to supplement my learning in the classroom.” 

Alongside curiosity, Krupkin has found hard work and determination to be the key to success. When thinking about who has inspired him most, Krupkin looks to his dad and the hard work he has done to give him such a great future. 

“My dad really pushes me. If he works this hard, I can definitely work this hard,” says Krupkin.

As he looks to the future, Krupkin is grateful for all the project-based work he completed at the Whitman School, which has prepared him to work well in any team he is put on. He is extremely excited to be a part of a company that has made a difference in the world.

“Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to make a change in the world, and that’s something I can do through Facebook,” says Krupkin. “I’ll be a part of a company that influences change worldwide.”

After spending two years with the company, Krupkin realizes how much the technology company expands beyond social media with international charity work and innovative projects.

One of Krupkin’s favorite experiences while at Whitman was attending the Forbes Under 30 Summit in 2019. After hearing about it from a coworker, Krupkin applied and was able to go with the help of the Whitman School supporting his travel expenses. 

“It was such a great experience. I got to meet so many industry leaders. It pushed me to think entrepreneurially about how to change the world,” says Krupkin.

Beyond meeting executives from companies such as Google, Allbirds, Amazon and Ticketmaster, his favorite experience was meeting so many people and hearing about their ambitions. 

“It reminds you there’s so much going on in the world and we are experiencing such a great time with technology. You could really do anything you put your mind to,” adds Krupkin.

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Karley Warden