#WhitmanWatch: Kara Sciscente

Class of 2016
Major: Retail Management
Hometown: Congers, New York
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/karasciscente

Kara Sciscente’s Syracuse University education has been jam-packed with internships that have provided her with valuable retail management experience. For her, the most beneficial aspect of her Whitman education has been the many industry connections that she has gained through these opportunities.

“As a result of being a retail major in Whitman, I have had networking lunches with CEOs and executives, internships with prestigious retail companies, and multiple job offers,” said Sciscente. “The industry exposure that I have had, even prior to graduation, is immensely advantageous.”

In the summer following her sophomore year, Sciscente worked with Collection XIIX in New York City as a design administration intern, responsible for ensuring that the showroom was up to date on in-season items and fabrics. She also consulted daily with factories on production orders, making sure the quality, size and quantity fit with the store’s needs.

Back on campus for her junior year, Sciscente kept busy working as a style guru for College Fashionista, a blog focused on trends and styles from campuses all across the country. As a representative for SU, she captured the campus’s unique fashion movements and shared trends through weekly blog and social media postings.

This past summer, Sciscente was an assistant buyer intern for Ross Stores, Inc. in New York City. This opportunity allowed her to work closely with vendors on product orders, as well as analyzing and interpreting the business’s performance through item sales reports.

Now during her senior year, Sciscente has been working as a music marketing and public relations associate for MTV, working to promote music producer KAOS777 through social media and guerrilla marketing. She also continues to work in fashion as a sales associate for Amelia Leigh Boutique in Syracuse, managing the store’s Instagram account and offering style suggestions to customers. On campus, Sciscente is also involved as a brother of Delta Sigma Pi, a sister of Delta Delta Delta, a member of the Class Act Committee and a member of the Couri Hatchery.

For Sciscente, it was a Whitman professor that solidified her decision to attend Syracuse. Professor Ray Wimer explained to her that this was an investment with a high return and an experience that would benefit her in the long term.

“He explained that Syracuse has extensive opportunities and strong alumni connections, far more than that of other schools,” she said. “After evaluating my other options, I realized Professor Wimer was right. I decided on Syracuse.”

Four years later, Sciscente is leaving with a wealth of connections and opportunities. She will be beginning her career in retail management as a product assistant for Macy’s Merchandising Group starting in September.