#WhitmanWatch Imran Khanbhai

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Name: Imran Khanbhai

Hometown: Arusha, Tanzania

Major(s): Finance & Accounting

Minor(s): Economics

GPA: 3.83

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/imran-khanbhai/

Clubs & Organizations: Delta Sigma Pi, Whitman IMPRESS Mentor, Ping Pong Club, Intramural Basketball

Imran Khanbhai, a rising junior, has traveled a great distance to attend Whitman. Approximately 7,500 miles away from his hometown, Imran came all the way from Tanzania, a country in East Africa. He believes that being well travelled is one of his greatest privileges, as he has come to understand and assimilate to a variety of different cultures and backgrounds. With this mindset, he felt that business was the perfect major to begin with considering the importance of networking and understanding cultural wants and needs. Entering Whitman as a freshman in 2012, Imran was unsure about what field of business he wanted to study and pursue. He had a tenacious desire to get involved with campus clubs and meet many other unique and intelligent students attending Syracuse.

Imran greatly enjoys hearing people’s stories and backgrounds and connecting with other like-minded individuals. This interest has led him to join the prestigious business fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi, of which he became a brother in the fall of 2013. During his time in the organization, he assumed the role of the community and service chair this past spring semester and organized a 3v3 charity Basketball Tournament. Furthermore, Imran has a strong eagerness to help others, which led to his decision to become a Peer Facilitator. This program allowed him to help entering freshman with SOM 122 and guide them through the first few months of their Whitman experience. In the approaching fall semester, Imran will be one of the first IMPRESS mentors for the incoming freshman entering Whitman. On top of his busy schedule, he makes an effort to attend finance and accounting panels, in which numerous speakers and presenters come to discuss their experience in topics ranging from corporate banking to real estate.

In the near future, he aims to obtain an internship in New York City for the summer of 2015, ideally working as an aspiring investment banker. Imran wishes to acquire valuable experience in accounts and finance, as well as learn every little detail of corporate America. In time, he might go back to Tanzania and continue to expand his father’s growing businesses. Imran currently works for both businesses this summer: a household appliance store and a dairy factory, which manufactures and distributes yogurt, cheese and milk. He hopes that the skills and capabilities developed from Whitman can assist in his quest both to make a difference in America and also be an influential role model for people in his country.

Imran is a prime example of a student who goes beyond what is asked of him to not only make him successful during his undergraduate career, but also in the many years following college. His exceptional time management skills, as well as his yearning to get involved has rewarded him with great grades and experience that many students wish for. Watch Imran has he scales the ranks in the business school and achieves the many feats he has set out for himself. Best of luck, Imran, with the remaining semesters at Whitman and keep up the great work!