#WhitmanWatch Gabriela Escalante



Name: Gabriela Escalante

Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador

Major(s)/Minor(s) & GPA: Double major in Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship  & 3.5 GPA – (Dean’s List every semester)

Clubs & Organizations: Delta Sigma Pi, Alumni Mentor Program (Mentee), International Student Mentor, IDEA (Idea Connector), High-Ropes Course Facilitator.

 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabrielaescalante/es

During the fall of 2013, Gabriela decided to transfer to Syracuse University for their well-known entrepreneurship and marketing program. At that time, she had already started her own LED t-shirt store in El Salvador, which made her ready for the next big challenge. She knew that Syracuse and Whitman, along with her eagerness to learn, would help further develop her entrepreneurial mindset and marketing skills.

As a passionate entrepreneur, she continuously seeks opportunities to inspires her peers, as well as to be inspired, as she encourages others to always persevere and strive to their fullest potential. This attitude led her to join the Idea Connectors of Syracuse University. Her work consists on recruiting entrepreneurs and helps them start their businesses by providing them with advice, tools and enough resources and information to collect funds from angel investors. Furthermore, she was selected to be a mentor for international students in the upcoming academic year to supply them with the knowledge to balance their academic and social life in a new environment. With all the advice she provides others, she also loves to receive advice, as she is a mentee for the Alumni Mentor Program.

As an animal rights advocate, she is proud to have been part of a group who were able to collect enough signatures to propose a law that now bans circuses from using animals in El Salvador. In the future, she hopes to build a nonprofit organization dedicated to protect and help animals and to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle. Her love for animals and determination to fight for her beliefs continues to grow, which only means more great feats will be reached during her campaign for further animal rights.

This summer, she is currently interning for Pioneer Warehousing & Distribution, a family owned business located in Liverpool, NY, where she gets to work alongside the owners in developing business growth strategies for the future and implementing marketing tactics. She works on expanding their company website by creating new layouts and adjusting the provided content to make it more appealing and user-friendly. She also assists her parents corporate training business, which conducts leadership and team building seminars for employees of companies in Central America, by enhancing its social media outreach to obtain more client engagement. With the little free time she has, she partakes in relaxing yoga sessions, long hikes with friends, and stays current with the popular Netflix series Orange is the New Black.

Gabriela’s dedication to pursue what she desires and willingness to help the people around her, not only makes her a great candidate to be watched at Whitman but someone you should try to reach out and befriend. Entering her senior year at Syracuse, she plans on making it a memorable final year with many goals set out for her to accomplish. If you get the chance, be sure to watch Gabriela in future semesters and years to come, as she will be achieving heights that only the most strong-minded and committed will obtain.