#WhitmanWatch: Dylan Weinberger

’16 Dylan Weinberger
Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Majors: Finance and Information Management and Technology (IST)

Dylan Weinberger has always had a knack for working with numbers. When he learned he could combine his mathematics skills with networking and leadership opportunities as a finance major in Whitman, he knew he had found the right path.

For Weinberger, it is the connections and engagement opportunities that set Whitman apart. “Between the career fairs and on-campus recruiting events, I have learned that firms centered in New York City (and more) have strong ties to Whitman,” he says. “If you put in the effort to get involved and seek out those opportunities, you can be in a great spot by the time you graduate.”

Weinberger has certainly put in effort during his time at Syracuse, becoming involved in a number of organizations on campus and adding a second major in information management and technology at the iSchool. He hopes to apply the skills acquired from each of his majors to pursue a career as a business analyst or consultant at a large technology firm.

Not only have the professors and students at Whitman provided Weinberger with connections and experience, but they have also created a positive educational environment. “The sense of community created by the faculty and students has made me feel very welcomed and inspired,” says Weinberger.

He encourages students to embrace this atmosphere through involvement in Whitman clubs and events. “Get involved, and get involved early,” Weinberger advises prospective students. “Make the most of the opportunities that are available at Whitman and start planning what you would like to ultimately accomplish by the time you are in your last year. But mainly, have fun, because your time here at Whitman and Syracuse flies by too quickly.”