Whitman School Celebrates IMPRESS Goodman Cup Competition


All year-round the four houses of the Martin J. Whitman School of Management’s Goodman IMPRESS program—Adams, Waverly, Harrison and Marshall— competed in the annual Goodman Cup Competition. This week the Whitman School crowned its 2015-2016 winner, Adams House. To celebrate the Whitman School hosted a brunch honoring students with the highest IMPRESS scores and a dinner honoring students of Adams House.

The Goodman IMPRESS program encourages students to gain critical career skills, such as leadership, confidence and resilience, by using competition and “gamification.” Students track their progress using a phone app and earn points by taking part in career-building activities outside of their classwork. Each point a student earns goes toward a personal IMPRESS score and toward a house total score. Every year, the house with the greatest points is awarded the Goodman Cup.

The students with the top IMPRESS scores

To qualify for the Alpha cohort students earned a minimum IMPRESS score of 960.

Adams Harrison
Rachel Karaban Timothy Barclay
Kirsten Kelly Yuhong Chen
Matthew Moore Isaac Clark
Joel Sherman Colton Smith
Joshua Tusang


Marshall Waverly
Dylan Barrera Jessica Behr
John     Bleir Samantha Collins
Kirby Corcoran Samuel Green
Thomas Knortz Caitlin O’Hara
Zainab Pixler Mackenzie Shine
Gianna Mangicaro
Aaliyah Roseman
Devin Tidwell
Sarah Wolverton


Members of the Bravo cohort had a minimum IMPRESS score of 690.

Adams Harrison
Cristy Cheng Kyle Garuccio
Samuel Hirsch Rachel Melvin
Faiz Khan David Nam
Cassandra Kramp
Georgiana Shmagin


Marshall Waverly
Ashley Champagne Tyler Adams
Carl MacEwen Rebecca Blekht
Jacob Urban Yaryna Borsuk
Steven Winschel Stephen Goldsmith
Benjamin Grodsky
Bo Young Diego Hwang Kang
Mitchell Kwok
Kenneth Mintz
Derek Polanco
Kenneth Sulfaro
Meghan Tomassetti
Samantha Tompkins


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