Whitman marketing students attend Goldberg Marketing Career Exploration Trip to NYC

From social media to analytics to brand management, a marketing degree can lead to a nearly overwhelming number of career paths. This January, a group of 20 sophomores and juniors from the marketing management department attended Whitman’s annual Goldberg Marketing Career Exploration trip to New York City to meet with alumni and discover different opportunities in this dynamic field.

“This trip gives students the opportunity to explore careers in the marketing field, while gaining a better understanding of different company cultures and environments,” explained Marissa Smith, career development coordinator for Whitman’s Career Services office, who helps organize the trip each year. The students were accompanied on the trip by Professor Kyu Lee, Academic Advisor Lisa Liparulo, and Smith.

The group spent three days in the city visiting a variety of companies, including Turner Broadcasting, the National Basketball Association (NBA), Disney and ABC Family, Bloomberg, Sony and ‘Stache Media and Group M. At each company, students had time to tour the facilities and meet and network with staff members.

The experience offered valuable insight to Whitman students interested in the many different facets of a marketing career. Junior Katherine Hochrein said that she chose to attend the trip to explore the various roles and functions in marketing.

“After attending the Marketing Career Exploration Trip, I now have a much better understanding of marketing as a whole, as well as where I could potentially see myself within the marketing field,” said Hochrein. “On this trip I learned as much about the companies that we visited as I did about myself, in regards to which type of industry’s opportunities interested me most.”

Whitman students also had the chance to connect with companies for potential job and internship opportunities. Junior Terell Drayton recently accepted a summer internship with the NBA, following his visit on the Career Exploration trip.

“I really connected with the NBA as a company, as well as with the staff there,” explained Drayton. “I spoke to an HR representative and a couple of employees on the business side of things. If I didn’t meet those staff members, I don’t think the application process would have been as smooth and transparent as it was.”

Similarly, sophomore Yuhong Chen said that she had a meaningful experience on the trip while visiting Freeform (ABC Family).

“It was at Freeform that I got my ‘this is what I want to do’ moment,” explained Chen. “After the visit, I was grinning from ear to ear, because I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life.”

The trip also included an alumni networking reception, where students had the opportunity to meet Whitman alumni working in the city in marketing and finance careers. “Students love meeting and interacting with alumni, because they have been in the students’ position and can provide networking opportunities and career advice,” said Smith.

The trip is just as valuable for alumni, who are able to remain connected to SU by meeting and speaking with students.

“The alumni love being connected and giving back to Whitman,” explained Smith. “Plus they often have the chance to gain industry insights and learn from the students.”