Video: IMPRESS First Annual Field Day Results

On Friday, September 25, the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University held the first ever Field Day as part of its Goodman IMPRESS program. The four houses competed for the grand prize of 1,000 IMPRESS points. Since it was a house challenge, students were not competing for individual IMPRESS points, but participating to contribute to their overall house. Each house was allowed to create a few teams of four students and each team participated in five events. These events included the three-legged race, cup stacking, beanbag relay, egg-on-spoon relay and the kangaroo hop.

Guest appearances as both spectators and field day participants included House Masters Ray Wimer, Will Geoghegan, Alex Kostakis and John Petosa. Social media head coordinator Kerri Howell represented the Harrison House competing alongside Whitman’s chief Information officer, Kevin Bailey, and accounting professor MaryAnn Monforte as the “Harrison Hurricanes.” Insomnia Cookies also made an appearance serving a variety of cookies, as participants were able to have refreshments throughout the two hour event.

The final results from the first annual IMPRESS Field Day are as follows:

1st – Marshall house won 1,000 IMPRESS Points
2nd – Adams won 750 IMPRESS Points
3rd – Waverly won 500 IMPRESS Points
4th – Harrison won 250 IMPRESS Points
Congratulations to all of the houses!