What can I do with a Finance Major?

If you have always wanted to be in the center of business, a degree in finance may be your path to success. Financers play a hand in every part of the business world by being strategic in managing money and well-versed in a variety of subject areas. Our students move on to work as full-service brokers, investment bankers, discount brokers, asset managers, traders, financial advisors, as well as in the real estate industry.

Program Overview
The study and understanding of finance is an integral component of decision-making in all areas and levels of management. Finance is a global, dynamic and exciting discipline. It offers a unique blend of theory and practical applications. To prepare themselves for the study of finance, students should pay special attention to economics, accounting, and quantitative methods. The competitive nature of the field also necessitates a deep commitment and the appropriate work ethic. Finance majors at the Whitman school are required to take:

  • FIN 345 – Financial Management
  • FIN 346 – Investments
  • FIN electives (9)

Finance majors at Whitman can participate in several clubs across the campus. These include:

  • The Financial Management Association: Open to all students across the Syracuse University campus who have a general interest in finance, the club broadens this common interest and helps develop the financial practice, knowledge and expertise of its members.
  • Financial Planning Club: Bringing together students from across disciplines who are interested in learning more about financial planning, the club seeks to attract speakers of national prominence who will help inspire successful professionals with careers in financial planning.
  • The Student Investment Club: The Ballentine Investment Institute helped form the Syracuse University Investment Club in recognition of this need. Students from across campus gain firsthand experience in portfolio management as members of the Investment Club.
  • The Orange Value Fund, LLC: The Orange value Fund program runs a $3.8 million hedge fund. The two-year program combines rigorous academic training, security and business analysis, portfolio management and career components that enable students in the program to acquire the necessary skills to seamlessly work in either investment banking, equity research, or asset management. Students in the program manage private investors’ money.

At Whitman, finance majors can pursue a dual degree with the School of Information Studies or the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Many finance majors choose to pursue a double major in accounting and finance, to prepare them to enter the workforce in financial management following graduation.

Career Information
In 2015, the average base salary for Whitman finance graduates is $58,815. According to U.S. News, last year finance majors enjoyed a 2.2 percent unemployment rate.

Our students move on to work as full-service brokers, investment bankers, discount brokers, asset managers, traders and financial advisors, as well as in the real estate industry. With an ever-expanding network of alumni and friends, we provide our students a variety of networking opportunities.

Meet a Finance Major
Meet some of our students, faculty and alumni in the finance program:

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