Welcome to Whitman!

Me with a few of my best friends in the Carrier Dome last January, after the SU Football team won the Pinstripe Bowl.

Hey everyone, my name is Amrita and I am a senior Whitman/Newhouse dual major at Syracuse. I came all the way from California to attend SU and I love it! I love the people I’ve met, the campus and the spirit in general. For my first post, I’ll briefly tell you why I decided to come to SU. First, I think it’s important to leave home for college, no matter how far you go. I think it’s how people really grow and meet others who are diverse in thought and mind. Also important is finding a program that’s right for you. At SU, I had a great journalism program to look at, the Honors program, and a nice scholarship that helped me financially. Then, when I joined Whitman, it all came together seamlessly for a perfect academic fit. After that, I looked at social and extracurricular activities, athletics, and overall spirit. SU really fits the bill on each. There are so many opportunities to join clubs (more than 300 on campus), and attend all sorts of games and concerts. I’ve tried to take advantage of some of those opportunities, which I’ll talk about next time.

After I factored in financial aid, renowned faculty, the alumni network, and campus appeal, I was sold on Syracuse. I’m grateful to attend college across the country, because I really can’t imagine a better place for me to learn and grow than SU, Whitman, and Newhouse.

If you’re already planning to attend Whitman, congratulations! Don’t forget to become a member of the official group on Facebook and join the conversation.

Stay tuned!


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