Traveling through Europe

-content by Tatiana Turner-

Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Brugge, Paris, Valencia, Ibiza, Segovia, Barcelona, Toledo, Mallorca, Sevilla, Cordoba, Morocco, Prague, Amsterdam, Granada, Pisa, Florence, and Madrid. These are all of the cities and countries I have either traveled to, or have booked trips to go to, this semester. It is hard to believe that about three months ago I had never traveled outside of America, but studying abroad has made something that only seemed like a dream become a reality for me.

This semester I had the opportunity to study in Madrid, Spain. Although I am so sad that the semester is coming to an end these three months abroad are ones I will never forget. I started the semester with the Eurovision program Syracuse University offers for Management students. Eurovision selects 30 students to spend two weeks traveling around Europe visiting international companies and banks. Throughout those two weeks I had the chance to go Frankfurt, Germany, Heidelberg, Germany, Luxembourg, Brugge, Belgium, and Paris, France. While in those cities, I visited places like the Mercedes factory in Germany, the Moet Chandon cellar in France, the Luxembourg Bank and countless other interesting places. Not only did Eurovision give me the opportunity to do some intensive traveling during my first two weeks in Europe, but it also gave me the chance to learn more about numerous international businesses and the importance of globalization.

After Eurovision my semester in Madrid officially started. Although there were a lot of changes I had to adjust to in a short period of time, such as living in a country where I did not know the language, staying with a host family and being thousands of miles from home, the Syracuse University Madrid program did a great job of helping me and my fellow classmates embrace our experience. Looking back at the semester, I’ve realized how much my attitude, ideas and assumptions have changed within the past few months. Although studying abroad can be a frightening decision, what you gain out of stepping out of that comfort zone and opening yourself up to being vulnerable and uncomfortable is what makes all of the initial fears worth it. Not only have I had the chance to travel nearly every weekend, connect with Spaniards and immerse myself in the culture of an entire different country, I’ve also had the chance to open my mind and realize that there is so much more to the world than the small American bubble many people limit themselves to. The semester has given me a new found interest in experiencing more of the world that will only help me in the future with the increasing emphasis on globalization in the business world.

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