Tips for Success

-content by Hillary Tucker-

As I begin my last semester of college, I cannot help but feel a wave of nostalgia with each step on my walk to Whitman. I take the time to reflect on all of the incredible memories I have shared, the professors who I now call mentors and friends who feel more like family – Whitman is not just my business school, but the place I’ve called home for the past four years.  To anyone reading this who is not graduating in four months, I envy you! Take advantage of your time here – because I can promise you, it goes by way too quickly.

Four years. That is all you are given to grow and learn about yourself, determine your passions and hobbies, find your academic strengths and capabilities, and ultimately develop a plan for your professional future. So much to do and so little time, but it can and will be done. The resources and guidance to help you graduate from Syracuse University with a powerful business degree are readily available, but it is up to you to seek the support!

I have created a top five list to help you find success at Whitman:

5. Visit the Career Center. Set up an appointment to meet with an advisor. Here you will have the opportunity to produce a robust resume and expressive cover letter. Tip: If you are a dual or have a minor in another college, create a different resume focused on that area of concentration. It just may come in handy during an internship or job interview and clearly outlines your diverse potential.

4. Get Excel certified. Whitman now offers the chance for all undergraduate students to become certified in Excel. With the world changing as fast as it is, it is critical you are prepared for emerging industries and the dynamic workforce. Even with technology advancing more and more each day, Excel is a staple in business.

3. Schedule a mock interview. Whether you are a communication minor or naturally great public speaker, you can never be over-prepared for a job interview. As a young person it can be rather difficult to articulate what you want to do, what work-related activities are of interest to you and what transferable skills you retain. A mock interview with an advisor can help you prepare efficiently and pitch yourself effectively to ensure the recruiter is informed of your potential.

2. Attend a Career Fair. If you know exactly what you want to do in term of your professional career track that is wonderful, but the majority of students enter college with absolutely no clue – which is okay! A career fair can introduce the prospects of the business industry. Be curious and ask questions to recruiters; you may be inspired and motivated to explore a different space! 

1. Become a leader.  Ambition can change the opportunities available for an individual drastically. Employers are seeking to hire people who will align well with the culture of the company, but also provide substantive expertise and a diverse skillset. Early on in your academic career I suggest finding an area you are interested in learning a great deal about. Join a club to become actively involved and work your way up to an executive position. Companies openly look to employ those who sustain leadership positions, as those individuals are pushed to hone in on their strengths, held responsible to produce quality work, work cohesively with groups, and most importantly help to teach others. A leadership role can help you to stand out among other individuals vying for the same position!


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