Things I would tell my freshman self after four years of college…

It’s not hard to imagine that after almost four great years here, I’m finding myself constantly reflecting on my experience as a student at this great institution. After this continued reflection, I have determined my top three pieces of advice for incoming freshmen.

1)      Get Involved – getting involved either in Whitman or on campus gives you an opportunity to hold leadership roles, gain relevant experience, learn how to work in teams and make friends!

2)      Network from Day 1 – It’s never too early to begin weaving a web of contacts. Form a relationship with everyone from professors and university staff to alumni and corporate recruiters. The better a relationship you can establish, the more likely they are to help you in the future.

3)      Establish a board of advisors – this one is advice from an executive at a large company I interviewed with; find experienced people you trust that know you, and understand where you want to go in college and your career. Talk to them regularly, and whenever you’re faced with a tough decision these people will be able to offer insight that you can trust.

Throughout my experience here at Whitman, I’ve noticed that these are three fundamental principles that helped put me in the best position possible.

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