The Whitman/Newhouse Dual

I am proud to say on my campus tours that I am a Whitman/Newhouse dual. Being a dual major comes with so many advantages.

I chose to enter the dual major program before my first semester at Syracuse. I loved Newhouse, but knew I wanted a background in business. Since then I have become immersed in Whitman with the group projects, the professors, and working with their social media team.  In a dual program the advantages are endless; here are just a few:

1)      The people: You interact with double the amount of students/professors between all your classes and group projects. These people become your friends and make the campus seem a lot smaller.

2)      Open doors and networking: being in 2 schools opens so many doors and uncovers infinite opportunities. I attend lectures and can network in two different but similar industries (business and communications).

3)      Workload: You have double the requirements for a dual major, but these beginning classes build a foundation for you to use in your time at Syracuse. With the added courses you need to be careful when choosing classes; you can easily graduate in 4 years but try to come in with credits and/or meet with your advisors before choosing classes.

4)      Advisors: With 2 majors you have multiple advisors, someone is always there to talk to you about classes, professors, etc. Having that student support system is crucial, especially during your first semester on campus. Advice from me to you: meet your advisors & student facilitators and ask them every question you have, even if it sounds crazy.

5)      Experience: You get to go through 2 amazing programs. Each is unique, with different focuses but the combinations of all the majors will help give you more experience to take into the industry of your choice once you finish college.

So if you’re a potential SU student, or looking into becoming a dual major, take this advice and ask any questions you have! The dual major program is a once in a life experience!

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