The Whitman Freshmen Experience

whitmanexperienceBefore beginning I want to congratulate the Whitman School of Management Class of 2014! Please keep in touch with Whitman, email/tweet/message us with updates or any information!

Now onto the freshman experience, it is unique at Whitman. You begin with SOM 122: Perspectives of Business and Management. For this past year, my freshman year, it began the weekend before classes actually started. At our first meeting we were divided into groups which we worked with throughout the semester. By December everyone had a foundational knowledge of a business industry analysis, learned how to work in a group, and we all were able to say we survived our first semester at Whitman.

At Whitman you will meet other students with similar interests, join clubs that can help your network with professionals, and engage with professors who have real life experience in their specialized areas. Reflecting back on my freshman experience the only changes I would make would be to save all the computer files in multiple places, learn what the other group members are talking about, and to plan the presentations farther in advance.

For future Whitman students, you all will have a different experience. This would be different in a good way. I am a part of your Peer Mentors, people who have gone through Whitman and are committed to helping you through your time at Whitman.  This coming fall we will be there that weekend before classes begin to help you begin your time here at Whitman.

On that note, have a great summer everyone! We would love to hear what your summer plans are and how your summer is going!

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