The Hunt for Employment

-content by Sam Whitaker-

Securing a job can at times be an overwhelming process. Deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life is challenging enough, and when you add in the job search and interview processes, your mind starts to spin thinking about the uncertainty.

The Whitman School does an excellent job of preparing and exposing students to career opportunities. This month our school hosted over 100 companies at our semiannual in-house career fair in the Flaum Grand Hall of the Whitman School. I attended the career fair for marketing and retail management majors and was able to learn about, and network with, great companies like Macy’s, Hershey, and Ross Stores, to name a few.

In addition, Syracuse University’s Career Services Office partners with the Career Center in Whitman to provide students the “Orangelink” interface. This online platform is loaded with job and internship postings from companies who may not have been at the career fairs. It also offers students the ability to upload their resume and apply quickly and easily to the postings that interest them. Lastly, the site provides you with the recruitment schedules of each company – this way you won’t miss the application deadline for a company you might be interested in!

With first round interviews coming, I’ve been working with the career center and a few professors to practice my interviewing skills in hopes of impressing these companies. These practice interviews have included basic behavioral and technical questions, as well as general interview etiquette. With this practice, I’m going into these interviews with the preparation and confidence necessary to accurately demonstrate my experience and potential value to the company.

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