The Experience of EEE

One day you will all know what it feels to be a senior, trying to avoid leaving the place you’ve called home for the past three+ years. Many students will have completed their core classes, leaving some lighter electives for senior year. However, there remains one class every senior Whitman student will take, either first or second semester. The EEE 457 Capstone course is a culmination of all you’ve learned and perhaps one of the greatest academic challenges you will come across.

In essence, it is an exhibition to showcase your knowledge and understanding of the subject you have studied earnestly after declaring it as your major. Each instructor of the course divides his/her class into small groups of 5-6 people, pulling people from each major. Together you work to create a product or service. The EEE project is a multifaceted assignment that is an intellectual experience for students that takes weeks of preparation. Each week different sections of your business plan are written. Class time is spent learning how to apply business theory and philosophy to your work, and educate you on the principles of entrepreneurship.

Looking back on the course now, I can confidently say, I learned so much about what the business world will look like after college. It can be difficult to understand how to apply what we learn in the classroom unless we are interning or working, but this course successfully helps you to apply your education in a valuable way. I enjoyed learning about the areas of business like accounting, marketing, and management, which as a Finance major, I have had little exposure to. Through all of the late night meetings, and iterations of paper submissions, it was all worth it knowing the wonderful friends I have made, and understanding I am capable of pushing my self to be a stronger business student. Enjoy this class and make the most of it!



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