The Best Ships are Friendships

Sorry for the delay in the weekly blog post, as I was in Westlake, Texas for a corporate retreat for my internship. But that is beside the point. Anyways, the topic I would like to surface is the idea of friendship and how essential it is to have such influential people surrounding your personal and professional life.

One of my favorite memories I have of my early childhood was when I was around three years old, when on one blistering humid afternoon two of my closest friends growing up and I were running around shooting each other with water guns. We were smiling, laughing and nothing could ruin the fun. However to this day I ask myself, why exactly do I remember that memory so vividly for all these years? After thinking about the question there could only be one plausible reason, which is the influence of friendship.

From the early grade school play dates that parents arranged to texting your friends to drive over to watch the big game, friends are always revolving around your life. You play sports alongside them, go to class together, and spend your boring afternoons sitting around doing absolutely nothing with them. I am sure many can agree that you would not trade anything for the memories that were created with your friends. The amount of laughs, inside jokes and moments that will now materialize when you reminisce of your past is unquantifiable. Appreciate the friendships you have, as they impact your physical appearance and mental behavior. You would not be you if it were not for your friends.

Having friends could be one of your biggest assets in the professional world. They are your connections, links to a multitude of opportunities you could not even imagine. The more friends you have, the larger your network is. Now I am not saying to make friends just to expand your network, make them for the right reasons. Putting trust into people who are not completely genuine will almost always crumble beneath you in the business world. Many great businessmen have preached during speeches and presentations that networking and having connections can really make or break your career. You never know when these people will be there to help in times of need, give you the right professional/career advice, or potentially do business with.

If you take a minute to think about it, friends go through so much with you. The good, the ugly, and everything in between. They are there to lift you up when you are down and raise you even higher when you are not. Friends define who you are and how you behave on a daily basis. You share laughs with these people about things that others may not find funny. Without your friends you would not be you, so be thankful for them. I am truly grateful for the people that I can call friends today. They have been one of my biggest supporters in all my endeavors and I strive to be the same influence for all of them. Throughout your life, many people come and go, but great friends are eternal. And as the title states, the best ships are friendships…and may they always be!





Some of my fellow Deloitte friends at our Intern Corporate Retreat at Deloitte University, my many friends up in Syracuse attending Whitman, my best friends from my hometown of Somers, New York!