Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Ever since a young age, teamwork is implemented into your lives if you like it or not. From the recreational soccer league that every four year old participated in to a group presentation in front of the biggest client your company will ever do business with. Regardless of the situation, you need to work simultaneously to achieve the overall goal that is shared amongst your team. In order to execute in unison, it requires that each member understands their role, how to be a team player and contributes their foremost effort towards the end objective.

Entering Whitman, the concept of teamwork was initiated right from day one. In the introductory freshman business course, SOM 122, you get thrown into a team with five other freshmen from all across the globe with various backgrounds and traditions. Luckily for me, my team was intelligent, dedicated and possessed the same goals as each other, which was earning an A in the class. SOM 122 required each team to construct an industry analysis on an industry of their choice, as well as present our findings periodically throughout the semester. Furthermore, many components to your final grade in the course were the grades your group received on different portions of the analysis. So if you wanted an A, you had to work with your team. At times, we wanted to strangle each other, as nights got longer and much less got done as the meetings progressed. However, people started to take leadership roles for certain parts and productivity escalated as we understood that we need to work together to get things done by each deadline. At the end of the semester, I was extremely happy with my team’s performance, and in turn, thrilled with my final grade in SOM 122.

Simply put, teamwork is essential in every aspect of life. As said by many, “Teamwork divides the tasks and multiples the success.” This statement profoundly depicts how if you work efficiently together, sizable rewards will be earned as a group. Along the way, you will be put on many teams in your life that are both good and bad. Yet it is up to you to contribute your fair share and motivate the ones that need an extra push. Remember what you were taught when you little; “there is no ‘I’ in team.” As cliché as this is, it is completely true. Nothing will be accomplished properly and your end result will not feel genuine if you try taking on every task under your own efforts. So when the opportunity presents itself, make that pass to your teammate for an easier shot, or answer that question that stumps your team member. Because as a team, success and failure is shared between members; and nobody wants to fail.