Professor David Park Honored by Poets and Quants for Undergrads In Top 50 Undergraduate Business Professors List

David Park, assistant professor of entrepreneurship at Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management was honored as one of the top 50 undergraduate business professors in the world by Poets and Quants for Undergrads, a website devoted to offering information and counseling to those interested in business school education. Through this list, Poets and Quants for Undergrads sought to highlight professors who transform the hearts and minds of students.

Park, whose talent, dedication and teaching practices landed him a nomination, was widely supported by his peers and students, past and present.

“Professor Park demonstrated extraordinary effectiveness to teach by inspiring and guiding our creativity,” said a student. “Within each teaching module, his message was consistent: we can accomplish our goals by thinking critically and never quitting.”

At the Whitman School, Park teaches Introduction to Entrepreneurship: How to Launch a Startup, where he uses his entrepreneurial experiences and research to make the subject relatable and easier to learn.

“I specifically enrolled in the Whitman School of Management in large part for its reputation and the prestige of the professors,” said another student. “Throughout my first year, I had plenty of different experiences with my professors and while most were favorable, Professor Park’s teaching style and course, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, was what I came to Whitman for. Through group building and actual real-life scenarios, my classmates and I were able to achieve experience that will no doubt be useful in a job atmosphere.”

This is the second year a professor from the Whitman School was selected for this Poets and Quants for Undergrads list. Ravi Dharwadkar, professor and chair of the management department at the Whitman School, was honored in 2017.

Arielle Spears