Packing for College

The summer before my freshman year I made a packing list. A week later I made another list. And the next week another was written up and posted in the refrigerator. This was page 1 of the final list:


Packing List

I began a process of making lists of everything I needed, then color coded the lists based on what area of the room they go to, then once again went through and marked what items I already had and which ones needed to be purchased. That began the time period of scouring all the stores, comparing prices, and deciding whether to make the purchase down in Florida or up in Syracuse. This summer is 180 degrees different, as I anxiously await to move back to Syracuse for my sophomore year my packing has only just begun and it is a more relaxed process. There are a lot of lists and helpful tips out there but, take it or leave it, here is my two-cents on packing for college (and Whitman).

1. Lists are your friend, so is the highlighter:   Make of list of everything you think you need then go through your house and see how much you already have (TIP: ask around, grandparents, relatives, even friends are willing to lend/give items like extra hole punchers, hangers, and/or decorations)

2. Pack the necessities first:   Clothing and shoes for warm, cold, rainy, and windy weather (TIP: those vacuum bags do wonders on consolidating space and make one’s wardrobe fit into a plastic bin)

3. Don’t forget about school:   Office supplies like paper, binders, pens and pencils, stapler, hole-puncher, and a calculator are needed (TIP: In Whitman MAT 183 requires a graphing calculator, a TI-83 or 84)

4. Be creative and repurpose:   Storage bins, boxes, and bags can become decorations, bring a dry erase or cork board for reminders, and think of bringing in a floor lamp to add “warm” light to the dorm

Before leaving Florida to go up to Syracuse I asked every college friend of mine the same question:


My answer to this questions would be the $8 floor lamp I impulsively purchased and it stood by my bedside through late nights and early mornings.

To the incoming freshman, packing is fun and stressful but just remember that Syracuse has anything and everything, if you forget something you are sure to be able to find a substitute here.

Safe travels as you make your way to campus, we are all excited to see you in a couple weeks!

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