Orange pride in Madrid

-content by Hilary Tucker-

As an SU student, faculty member, or alumni, we know what bleeding orange truly means. There is something special about Syracuse University that makes us feel proud to be a part of the orange community, and while we may feel this way every day, those outside of our family probably see it best during Basketball season.

Living in Madrid for the semester has not changed my obsession with SU basketball, in fact, because I am away from school I have been more interested in knowing all that is going on. When my friends and I received news that ‘Cuse would be playing in the final four, we were beyond excited. Then we were informed what time the game would be played. 8:30 EST meant 2:30 am here in Madrid. Phone calls were immediately made to ensure that a Sports Bar would accommodate a bunch of die hard ‘Cuse fans. My friends were determined to see the game live, and to be able to watch it together.

It was so amazing to see a huge group of college students take over one of the busiest spots in Madrid. Everyone arrived hours early, and of course decked out in orange attire. Students from other participating schools showed up to watch the game as well, but nothing in comparison to the huge Cuse crowd that filled the floor. I felt like I was at a home game in the Carrier Dome.

Watching the men’s basketball team play in the final four was by far one of my most memorable nights abroad. It made me realize how happy I am that I go to a school with SO much pride. It truly is amazing.



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