New Academic Year? 5 Tips for Starting Strong

Students are returning to the Syracuse University campus and the Whitman School. It’s been a long, hot summer; what’s the best way to make sure they’re ready for the start of a new academic year? Campus Life Expert Kelci Lynn Lucier has some tips:

1. Establish a good time management system. One of the biggest challenges students (and faculty) face is managing their time effectively. Find something that works for you and stick to it from the very first day. There are lots of productivity and time management apps and tools available but if you’re not sure where to start, College Life has some ideas.

2. Purchase your books early. Check your course syllabi online, if you can, and place those orders as soon as you can. Not having your materials the first week of class can put you behind.

3. Make sure you have your extracurriculars in order. What’s more, it’s beneficial for students to have outside activities that will allow them to extend their learning. Join a club, get an internship or job, or volunteer somewhere.

4. Have your “life” logistics worked out. Making sure you know where you’re living and how you’ll eat and get to and from class is essential to making it through your year stress-free.

5. Make room for “down time.” College can be stressful. Have a plan for making sure you can mentally check our and relax when the going gets tough. Friends, exercise plans and hobbies are great ways to keep your anxiety and stress levels in check.