My Summer Internship

-content by Tatiana Turner-


After living in New York City for a month now, I can already tell that I have learned so much. Although I moved here for the summer to complete my internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and learn more about the accounting world, this experience has taught me much more than that. Since I am from the suburbs of Georgia, deciding to live in NYC for two months definitely made me nervous. The first week was a little difficult with figuring out the subway, spending almost an entire day lost and walking around the city and getting used to the hustle and bustle of being surrounded by thousands of New Yorkers, but I have definitely adapted.


I can attribute a lot of my knowledge of the city to my housing situation. I live in the NYU apartment styled dorms where nearly everyone else in the building has an internship in the city. Waking up with my four other roommates every morning (yes, there are five girls in my apartment!) and heading to our respective jobs all dressed up in our business casual clothing, navigating the city everyday and finally coming back home around 6:00 PM after a long day at work has given me a sense of independence I have never experienced before. In this month, I have learned about countless opportunities at PwC, how to act in the corporate world and how crucial Excel and PowerPoint skills are, but more importantly, I have gotten a small taste of what the real world is like after college. Learning to be much more responsible, since the city is nothing like a college campus, seeing the rich, poor and everyone in between all using the subway and realizing that I actually need to learn to cook for myself after spending a SUBSTANTIAL amount of money on eating out are all some of the lessons I have learned so far. Although they may sound small and insignificant, I feel as if these lessons have made me think about what being an adult really means. I am so grateful for the opportunity to live away from home, make mistakes, and be challenged all while learning about my future career, and more importantly, myself.


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