My summer and fall plans

-content by Tatiana Turner-

With my sophomore year here in Whitman quickly coming to an end, I have started planning for all of the exciting events coming up within the next few months. I have been fortunate enough to obtain an internship this summer as well as study abroad this coming fall semester.

My internship this summer is with PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York City. I found this opportunity with the help of our own Whitman School Career Center. Although I had the option of interviewing to work in the Atlanta office since I am from Georgia, I decided to challenge myself and go for the New York City office. Once I found out that I got the offer, I began to realize how exciting my summer will be. Not only will I be getting paid to intern at a Big 4 accounting firm, but I will also have the chance to live in New York City as a young adult for 8 weeks! Although living in NYC will be much different than living in the suburbs of Georgia, I know that this is an opportunity of a lifetime and that I will only grow and learn more about myself this summer.

Even though I am going to have an amazing summer, I know that the semester after summer will be even more exciting. Once I hop off of the plane from New York City, I will have only three weeks until I head out to study in Madrid for my fall semester! I am taking part in Eurovision, which is a business focused seminar that allows students to travel to other cities in Europe and learn more about international business. Through Eurovision, I will have the opportunity to travel to Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Luxemburg, Brussels, Bruges, and Paris for the first two weeks of my semester before finally arriving in Madrid. Since I have never been to Europe, next semester will be nothing less than a dream come true for me. I am so excited to have the chance to actually live in Spain for four months while learning about business from an international standpoint.

Although I have a few weeks until I begin my internship, and a few months before I am abroad, I have already had to start preparing for these adventures. I never realized how much work it was to do simple tasks I usually take for granted, such as finding housing in New York City, getting a passport, applying for a student VISA and budgeting my money to make sure I can enjoy these events. After handling all of these by myself, I already feel as if I have had to grow and become more responsible. I can only imagine how mature and independent I will be after spending two months in NYC and another four months in Europe!

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