My Study Abroad Reflection

-content by Tatiana Turner-

After spending nearly four months studying abroad in Madrid, Spain, I have finally returned back to campus for my spring semester at Syracuse! Although I knew I’d really missed being abroad, I didn’t realize how truly amazing my experience was until I had the chance to reminisce about my semester once I got back to campus. Telling people all of the cities I got to visit, thinking about all of the unique experiences I had, and meeting up with all the friends I made through going abroad makes me really appreciate the opportunity I had to study in Madrid last semester.

Being abroad gave me the chance to separate myself from everything I had been accustomed to, and think about who I am and what makes me happy. Although everyone’s abroad experience is different, having the chance to get out of your mundane routine and live outside of the US for a few months is something I think everyone could benefit from – I recommend that everyone consider studying abroad at some point of their college career. Not only is it an amazing, once in a lifetime experience, but Syracuse University also has a great abroad program that makes studying abroad possible for nearly everyone.  I have already convinced a couple of my friends to take the leap out of their comfort zone to study abroad and I definitely plan on persuading even more people!

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