My College Selection Process

-content by Tatiana Turner-

Hearing that acceptance letters for fall 2013 are going out brings back my memories of getting accepted to the Whitman School of Management. Since I am from Georgia, I constantly get the question “Why Syracuse?!” When I was a senior applying to colleges, one of the first factors I had in mind was going to a school away from home. The other important part of my decision was a school with a great business school. Although I had an interest in pursuing accounting, I knew that I wanted to attend a business school that had numerous strong majors, in case I decided I wanted to change out of accounting or add another major. After looking for schools that were not only far enough from home for me to feel independent, but also had great business programs, I was still left with numerous colleges and universities as options. That is when I began to realize that although academics and reputations are important, there is a lot more to a school than those factors.

Once I started to think about the bigger picture, Whitman proved to be the perfect fit for me. I wanted to be able to say that my school not only has great academics and job placement, but also has a strong sense of community and school spirit. I also wanted a school that was large enough for me to always meet new people, but also small enough for me to always see a familiar face. The main aspect that set the Whitman School, as well as Syracuse University, apart from the other schools I was considering was the emphasis on creating well rounded students. The fact that getting involved in activities outside of the classroom is the norm around campus broadens my college experience and customizes it to exactly what I want to get out of it.

Ultimately I am thrilled with my decision. I am wrapping up my sophomore year here in Whitman and I have already had some great experiences. So far, I had the chance to have a work study job on campus, be a part of a social sorority as well as pledge an accounting fraternity, and act as a Peer Facilitator to incoming Whitman freshman. I also have a few things to look forward to, such as an internship in New York City for this summer with PricewaterhouseCoopers that I found out about through Whitman’s Career Center, studying abroad in Madrid, Spain next semester through SU Abroad, and, of course, the rest of my time here as a student! Whitman has given me the opportunity to meet really amazing people, get involved in extracurricular activities I am truly interested in, and grow as an independent young adult – all while getting a great education and setting myself up for the future. That being said, I love my school and I will ALWAYS bleed orange!

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