Mid-semester wrap-up

-content by Sam Whitaker-

After seven weeks of hard work, spring break has finally arrived in Syracuse. As I depart for a five-day getaway to Florida, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on the spring semester so far.

Classes seem to be very going well. Last week in my Real Estate Development class, we visited the site of an impressive new construction mixed-use building in downtown Syracuse. Professor Hucko is the experienced owner of a boutique development firm in Syracuse and teaches a night class as a professor of practice. He brings this experience, as well as guest speakers and off-campus visits, to make the class just that much more valuable. His passion for real estate is contagious and has really fueled my interest in the industry.

I’m in the process of completing my proposal for my Honors capstone project, which is a work in progress. As part of the Renee Crown University Honors program at Syracuse, every student must complete their own capstone thesis paper by the end of their senior year. I’m looking into getting involved in a local real estate development for a not-for-profit organization in hopes of making a difference in my home community.

The internship search is coming to a close, and after a few interviews, I’m crossing my fingers and waiting to hear back about them.

There’s no doubt that the Whitman School and it’s supporting centers have helped motivate and direct me on the right track towards success in academics and a future career!

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