Martin J. Whitman School of Management Hosts First Annual Sales Case Competition

The First Annual Whitman Sales Case Competition is in the books. Co-hosted by the American Marketing Association and Delta Sigma Pi, the sales competition was comprised of seven teams of undergraduate students from all classes, freshmen to seniors. After a successful first year, this will become an annual event held at Syracuse University in the Martin J. Whitman School of Management.

Joey Howard, a senior from Pulaski, New York work with Daniel Strauss, a freshman from Hillsborough, New Jersey from the beginning planning stages to see this sales competition come to fruition.

The two-day event was kicked off by a networking event. The sales competition participants were able to mix and mingle with representatives from Frito Lay, TEKSystems and Bloomberg.

The next day, the sales teams worked in the Whitman team rooms to complete and polish their final presentations. Each team had eight minutes to pitch a 1970s stroller to three judges. Once the team completed its presentation, the judges had five minutes to ask questions.

At the end of every pitch, the ultimate goal was to make a sale. Some teams walked without a sale but a majority ended the meeting with handshakes and smiles. The winning team walked out of the pitch room with a sale for 5,000 strollers and a probationary period of three months. If the strollers did not sell, the team would buy back the unsold inventory.

After all the sales teams presented to the judges, the award ceremony took place in the Lender Auditorium. Pete LaRosa of Frito Lay and the other judges took time to critique the participants. Comments included to always remember to shake hands and creating a rapport ‎with the judges while never revealing specific financials such as the profit margin of the product.

The second and third place teams received certificates and cash prizes while the winning team will move onto the National Team Selling Competition (NTSC) this coming October at Indiana University.

Congratulations to winning team, Jennie May, Aaliyah Roseman, Kirby Corcoran and Mike Romano, good luck as you all compete in Indiana.

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