Leaving the continent (for a few days)

-content by Hilary Tucker-

Tonight at midnight, I will be departing for another weekend trip. Last weekend was the first weekend in nearly a month and a half which I spent in my home city. I absolutely love Madrid, but who can resist visiting cities like Dublin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Rome when it is just SO easy. Upon our arrival in Europe, my friends and I planned the semester almost to an entirety. We knew where we wanted to go, we just had to sit down and book the flights and hotels!

This particular weekend has been one I have been looking forward to for months. Tonight I will be leaving for Morocco – how exciting! I never would have imagined, after leaving North America to live in Europe, that I would be able to spend a few nights in Africa. Most of my weekend trips have been with small groups of friends, usually 15-25, and occasionally we had the opportunity to meet up with friends studying abroad in other cities. The Moroccan trip, however, is 150 students traveling together with a program and about 60 are friends of mine that I am studying with now! We will take an 8 hour bus ride overnight and then take a boat in order to get to Africa.

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity to learn about so many different cultures. I definitely did not realize how easy it is to travel all over. As of now I have already been to 8 countries and 20 cities…and I’ve only lived abroad for 11 weeks!

If you decide to study abroad, make sure to plan your trips ahead. You’ll have the opportunity to experience so much more.

Hasta luego,


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