Leave Your Legacy With the Class Act Campaign

As many of the Whitman faculty and student body know, the Class Act campaign is now in full swing. It’s an opportunity for Whitman seniors to leave their legacy by donating $20.16 to commemorate their graduating class. Those who donate select a Syracuse University program or initiative to receive their funds. There are several reasons to donate, such as donations made to the Class Act campaign help support the $215 million in scholarships and grants that are made available to students.

Here are some more reasons to donate to the Class Act campaign from seniors who have left their SU legacy and given back:

Ethan Waltersdorf – Marketing Management and Public Relations

“I donated to Class Act because I want future students to have the same, if not better, opportunities that I did throughout my time at SU. I was afforded multiple opportunities to better myself professionally and personally through different programs and organizations that would not exist without generous donations such as Class Act. My hope is that Class Act will help fund new growth opportunities for future students.”

Curtis Yandow – Finance and CPA Accounting

“I gave to the accounting excellence program to help benefit future accounting students across multiple platforms, including career counseling and academics. Accounting classing and clubs like beta alpha psi have prepared me for my future after college and I want to future students to have the same opportunity.”

Margaret Zun – CPA Accounting

“The main reason why I donated to Class Act was to show future students that their choice to attend Whitman was the right one. Choosing a college can be a difficult and stressful process, and being a senior in high school is already challenging enough. I was fortunate enough to be accepted to SU early decision, and as a senior, I look back at my past four years and am nothing but grateful. I think about the organizations I’ve joined, the life-long friends I’ve made, and my internship at a Big 4 firm, and credit all of this to Whitman. I hope that one day, someone else can share this feeling, and that is why I donated.”

Catherine Smith – Retail Management and Supply Chain Management

“I donated to Class Act because I want to help leave a legacy for the future students of Whitman. Class Act helps better the Whitman community and its programs, and I wanted to contribute to that cause. I also donated because I want to know exactly where my donations are going and how they are going to be used. I know that these funds will go directly to benefit Whitman and its students, so I can feel confident in my gift.”

Last year, 44 percent of Whitman’s seniors donated to their class gift. Whitman’s 2015 Class Act giving tallied $10,000 with the help of the 202 seniors left their legacy and a matching gift by 1968 alumnus, Mr. Dan D’Anielo. This year’s committee has high expectations and plans on surpassing all previous feats reached in 2015.

Donations can be made online with one simple payment. So seniors, leave your legacy today so that students tomorrow can capitalize on similar opportunities that you had at SU!