Hello from Europe

-content by Hillary Tucker –

It is hard to believe I have been in Europe for nearly 6 weeks now. Time is going by so quickly! Eurovison feels like just the other day. 

I enjoyed traveling all around Europe on the seminar program, but I want to make sure I am learning about the Spanish culture as much as possible, and living  in a home-stay has exposed me a great deal.  Everything from the way food is prepared, to the time of dinner, to the way beds are made is very different than the US. Our host families have been more than generous to teach us the typical customs.

Last week I went to Segovia for the day with school. And this past weekend I went on our final eurovision seminar trip. We traveled to Cordoba and Sevilla, two fantastic cities which are very different than Madrid. I will be traveling to Barcelona this upcoming weekend. Most of my friends who are studying abroad on other SU or World Partner programs will be meeting me there!

Before I signed up for my class schedule I asked students who studied in Madrid previous semesters what they recommend I take. I decided to enroll in Arts of Spain. It is an introductory course of art history in Spain. Over the duration of the semester we study different eras of art and some of the most prestigious artists and their paintings. What I love most about the class is that we travel to the various museums in Madrid which house the art collections. I have never enjoyed an elective class more! It’s incredible to be learning about specific art pieces, some dated back to the 12th century, and then having the opportunity to see them in person.

Studying and living abroad has been such a unique experience so far, and I know there is only more good to come.


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