Guest Post: 2014 Frankel Scholar

Today we have another guest post! If you remember from Tuesday’s #WhitmanWatch, Tatiana Turner is one to look out for! Today she is back with some insight into her time as a 2014 Frankel Scholar: Turner During the summer, I was fortunate enough to find out that the Associate Dean of the Whitman School, Dean Foley, had selected me to be a Frankel Scholar. This meant that five other students and I would get a chance to visit numerous organizations that were in the financial services industry during an all-expense paid trip to New York City. Although I was honored and excited for the trip, I was a little nervous since I am an accounting major and the trip was mainly focusing on companies that finance students flock to. Tatiana Despite my initial anxiety, I ended up having an amazing time on the trip! We got a chance to visit 10 different companies, including Deutsche Bank AG, Goldman Sachs, Citi, Third Avenue Management and The Carlyle Group. All of these visits gave me the chance to hear about different opportunities in financial services, meet alumni, and connect with past Frankel Scholars. Ranging from 90 year old, Martin J. Whitman himself, to Class of 2011 Frankel Scholars, every alum we met with wanted to contribute to our future success in any way they could. This immense amount of support reassured me of the loyalty and pride everyone takes in being a member of the Whitman community.  Not only did this trip build up my professional network and teach me so much about some of the most influential financial institutions in New York, but it also taught me about myself and what type of career I want to have given the endless possibilities in this industry. That being said, I am so grateful to Dean Foley and Mr. & Mrs. Frankel for allowing me to take part in a program that will undoubtedly be so influential in my future career. Frankel Scholar

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