Goodman IMPRESS Program Continues to Engage Students

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Goodman IMPRESS Program Continues to Engage Students

The Goodman IMPRESS Program has become a key talking point during prospective student days and has often been cited as the differentiator for why students chose the Whitman School over the competition. By the end of 2019, 112 returning students chose to give back as peer mentors, and 31 students volunteered at IMPRESS events.

Once students are at Whitman, the IMPRESS program plays a key role in first-to-second year retention due to the strong connection students make with their faculty house mentors, peer mentors and other students in their cohorts.

The program also continues to make an impact long after students walk the halls of the Whitman School. Alumni credit the Goodman IMPRESS program for helping them succeed in the workplace and in life.

headshot of Sam Green

“One of my favorite events of the program was the Interview Rush Hour with recruiters and alumni. I was paired with an alumnus who worked in consulting, and the instant feedback and advice was invaluable. Small things such as speaking too fast, fidgeting and making sure I maintain eye contact were habits I never would have been aware of if it were not for these mock sessions.

“The IMPRESS program also empowered me to become a leader early on in my college career through the Peer Mentor Program. In a sense, this was the first real leadership position I ever held. As a peer mentor, I learned what it takes to manage a group of diverse individuals, as well as how to work effectively with various personalities and abilities.”

Division Financial Analyst
Eaton’s Financial Leadership Development Program
Majors: Finance and Supply Chain Management

headshot of Kelly Kirsten

“One aspect of IMPRESS that is relevant to my career is building relationships and networking. I communicate with many people every day, be it my teammates or client contacts. My most effective professional relationships are with the people who I have built rapport with; that extends beyond asking for help on work- related things.

“Work-life balance is definitely a hot topic as a young professional. Participating in IMPRESS events is a great way to master balancing your required schoolwork with other activities that are just as important to your success. The time management and prioritizing skills I developed in college definitely helped me stay afloat during my first busy season.”

Risk Assurance Associate
Major: Accounting

headshot of Zane Ludvigsen

“My first year, I remember sitting in the Lender Auditorium listening to an IMPRESS speaker — a Syracuse alumnus working at Unilever. He talked about his work at Unilever, the brands he worked with and exactly what he did while he was at Syracuse to get him in the door at Unilever.

“I was captivated. This is the first time I had a tangible view of what my future could look like and an actionable idea of how to get there. Learning the business topics is an important part of being successful in business, but there is so much more. The ‘everything-else’ is what makes the IMPRESS program so great. It really gives students the tools to succeed. Now things have come full circle, as I am working at Unilever in finance.”

Financial Analyst, North America Performance Management
Majors: Finance and Marketing