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Goodman IMPRESS Program 2019 Winners

Goodman IMPRESS Program 2019 Winners

The Goodman IMPRESS Program (IMPRESS), started in fall 2014, has become a key differentiator for Syracuse University‘s Martin J. Whitman School of Management.The program plays an important role in acclimating new students to the Whitman School community and developing their professional skills and network. Incoming students are sorted into one of four houses—Adams, Harrison, Marshall and Waverly. Each semester students participate in a series of point-based, skill building challenges that contribute to their overall IMPRESS score and a house score. At the end of the spring semester, the IMPRESS house with the highest house score is awarded the Goodman Cup.

This fall, IMPRESS held seven company information sessions, two coffee chats with guest speakers, two challenges speaker events, the Whitman Career Fair that featured nearly 100 companies and more. During Success Month in October, seven events were held that focused on essential aspects of professionalism such as how to dress, how to communicate and dinner etiquette. Students were given valuable opportunities to build their resumes at workshops and become Excel certified. This fall, 446 students passed the basic certification, in addition to three expert and four Bloomberg certification passes.

While participating in these activities, students accumulate IMPRESS points. On April 25, 2019, Whitman Day, Waverly house was awarded the coveted Goodman Cup.

On May 1, 2019, 44 students with the most individual IMPRESS points for the year were also recognized for their exceptional dedication to building their network and skills.

The top 44 students are as followed:

Bravo Cohort

  • Tyler Adams (Waverly)
  • Yaryna Borsuk (Waverly)
  • Georgiana Shmagin (Adams)
  • Meghan Tomassetti (Waverly)
  • Mitchell Kwok (Waverly)
  • Rebecca Blekht (Waverly)
  • Rachel Melvin (Harrison)
  • Jill Greenberg (Waverly)
  • Kyle Garuccio (Harrison)
  • Samuel Hirsch (Adams)
  • Kenneth Mintz (Waverly)

Charlie Cohort

  • Nicholas Barba (Waverly)
  • Kevin O’Donnell (Adams)
  • Sarah Ferranti (Adams)
  • Joseph Di Lillo (Marshall)
  • Lucas Krupkin (Adams)
  • Kristen Wong (Marshall)
  • Michael Ceribelli (Harrison)
  • Eric Spiniello (Adams)
  • Ryan Houck (Adams)
  • Christopher Zimmerman (Harrison)
  • Rebecca Shepard (Marshall)

Delta Cohort

  • Alison Chasse (Waverly)
  • Mark Hoffman (Marshall)
  • Marissia Potamianos (Marshall)
  • Tyler Kaminski (Waverly)
  • Elias Zaoutis (Harrison)
  • Matthew Frisch (Marshall)
  • Adena Rochelson (Marshall)
  • Alexander Pearce (Adams)
  • Emily Woodilla (Harrison)
  • Brittney Loper (Marshall)
  • Allen Bailey (Adams)
  • Margaret Dude (Harrison)

Echo Cohort

  • Emily Rosen (Waverly)
  • Ashley Galiano (Waverly)
  • Amanda Spindler (Marshall)
  • Justin Bisson (Marshall)
  • Daniel McElrath (Marshall)
  • Allie Hausman (Adams)
  • Ripley Price (Waverly)
  • Thomas Neville (Marshall)
  • Lena Karakash (Marshall)
  • Maximillian Rothermund (Adams)
  • Yixin Chen (Harrison)
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