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Game On! Undergrads Get Points and Gain Skills

Game On! Undergrads Get Points and Gain Skills

You have likely heard about Whitman’s Goodman IMPRESS program that was launched last fall. IMPRESS is designed to provide undergraduates with the skills and experience employers seek, including leadership, communication, certifications, global context and industry exploration. The program is named in honor of Kenneth Goodman ’70 to recognize his generosity in helping the Whitman School mold future generations of professionally prepared business leaders.

Through IMPRESS, students are placed in one of four “houses” (Adams, Harrison, Marshall and Waverly) where they experience healthy competition while developing extracurricular skills—all under the direction of four house masters who teach the introductory business course and serve as the students’ first faculty mentors. Students collect points for participation and engagement in activities such as leadership workshops, community engagement and certifications, such as Excel, SAP and Bloomberg. Their personal points, which are also added to the their house total, determine their IMPRESS level at the end of the year. When a student is looking for internships and job opportunities, employers can see both a GPA and IMPRESS score on his/her resume.

Since the launch of the program to Whitman’s 500 incoming students, a few of the many point-earning opportunities have included leadership lectures, resume creation, Career Madness and Excel certification exams. Attendance at the Major Carnival and major panels has been three times that of previous years.

SUccess Week, held February 16-19, featured daily opportunities to help students develop confidence in networking, communicating, business etiquette and dressing for success.

To date, Waverly House is leading in points. Stay tuned to find out which house wins the Goodman Cup at the first annual awards celebration set for April 29.

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